My name is Richard Bensimon, I'm a board certified plastic surgeon in Portland, Oregon, and I'd like to speak to you about rhinoplasty, or nasal surgery.

The aim of rhinoplasty is to create normalcy, to make that nose more in balance with the rest of the face, and that's the challenge. We don't alter the anatomy too much by taking too much away. Rather, we reshape it with special sutures and other modern techniques, and the result is a much more graceful, natural appearance.

The way that I perform rhinoplasty is an advanced technique. I use different instruments that I've honed over the years that lead to better results and a more comfortable recovery. This is a very comfortable procedure. There really is no pain. A little bit an issue of appearance that goes away quite quickly. If patients are not self-conscious, they can be out and about right away.

The impact of the rhinoplasty is remarkable. These patients come in, you can sense the happiness, the comfort with their new nose. It's very rewarding to see. In some instances, very much so a life-changing operation.